Proactively sharing information about human rights and civil rights

Awareness of human rights is still limited among a group of people in Vietnam. Therefore, the provision of accurate information is extremely important.

Human rights in Vietnam and many other countries still have some limitations and differences. For example, some socio-economic rights in Vietnam, due to lack of resources, are not as good as they are in developed countries.

Regarding some civil and political rights such as the right to freedom of speech and press freedom, due to historical and cultural traditions, the Vietnamese laws prescribe that it is not allowed to insult leaders or commit religious discrimination ... However, human rights in Vietnam have always been respected and guaranteed both in the field of thought, politics, law and in reality.

The continuous improvement of Vietnam's legal system is a premise and offers conditions for Vietnam to gradually institutionalize the viewpoints and guidelines of the Communist Party of Vietnam and the Vietnamese State on human rights, creating a legal corridor for the protection and promotion of human rights.

Vietnam's efforts and achievements in continuously ensuring and improving the basic rights of the people have been recognized and highly appreciated by the international community.

So far, Vietnam has signed and participated in all basic international conventions on human rights. These are strong commitments of Vietnam in ensuring human rights. The basic rights of Vietnamese people are clearly shown in the exercise of civil, political, economic, cultural and social rights.

However, awareness of human rights is still limited in a group of people. The provision of accurate information is extremely important.

The Ministry of Information and Communications has organized periodic conferences to provide information on human rights and external information to the press. This aims to take the initiative in providing accurate information on achievements on human rights in Vietnam, creating an effective channel of information exchange between press agencies and scholars to enable the media to participate more actively in promoting human rights in the country.

In late 2018, officials of 30 northern provinces and cities and press agencies at central and local levels attended the training workshop on "Improving the effectiveness of information and propaganda on human rights in Vietnam," held by the Steering Committee on Human and the Steering Board for Central External Information in Ha Long City, Quang Ninh Province.

The event aimed to further enhance the quality and content of information dissemination, and propaganda on human rights in the mass media, to fight against wrong views of hostile forces which take advantage of human rights and democracy issues to sabotage Vietnam.

Today, along with the development of science and technology, the Vietnamese press has strongly developed in both quantity and quality, becoming an essential means of mass communication in social life.

The Vietnamese press has actively discovered and struggled with corruption, negative behaviors and social evils; conveyed the people's opinions to contribute to the formulation of policies and laws, thereby promoting people's ownership; struggled to maintain national sovereignty and territory; and refuted false allegations, contributing to strengthening people's confidence in the Party, State and regime.

The press is gradually improving the quality and effectiveness of information and communication, narrowing the differences between Vietnam and international partners on the issue of democracy and human rights; proactively and promptly fight against the false, distorting information of the hostile forces about the human rights situation in Vietnam.

"In the field of protection and struggle of human rights, civil rights in Vietnam today, the role of the media, the press is very important", said Assoc. Prof. Dr. Tuong Duy Kien, director of the Institute for Human Rights Research, the Ho Chi Minh National Political Academy.

Thu Thuy