250 Water Buckets Given to Dak Lak's Commune

The donation of specialized water buckets aims to help the lives of ethnic minorities in the Central Highlands.

Miss Universe Vietnam 2017 H’Hen Nie introduces the water baskets to local women.

Miss Universe Vietnam 2017 H’Hen Nie on Feb. 9 joined Australasia Social Impact Foundation (ASIF) in Vietnam give 250 water baskets to people in Cu Sue commune, Cu M'gar district, the Central Highlands province of Dak Lak.

This is an activity within the framework of the project Gui project with the goal of giving 50,000 water baskets to 50,000 households in Gia Lai and Kon Tum, increasing access to clean water of more than 300,000 people.

In the highland provinces, women and children have to walk 5-7km daily with baskets on their backs to collect water drops from fields, ponds, and lakes for eating and drinking. In the dry season, the scarcer water is, the farther they have to travel to get water.

As usual, people put the water they get into small plastic bottles from 500ML to 1.5L and put them all in a bag on their back. These plastic bottles are reused, which is unhygienic, difficult to carry and easy to fall along the way.

With the desire to improve the health of people in the Central Highlands, in April 2021, ASIF has launched the Gui (water basket) project, replace unhygienic plastic water bottles with 50,000 specialized water baskets made from plastic, with sturdy straps, wide lids and convenient drain valves.

The new basket helps to increase the efficiency of water collection by 3-4 times compared to the old method. Each basket costs VND 150,000.

These water baskets are early spring gifts for the people of Cu Sue commune - Nie's hometown.

The water basket has a capacity of 20L, a large lid, sturdy straps and a convenient valve.

In 2021, the project has handed over 18,114 water bags, changing the lives of many disadvantaged households in Kon Tum. Entering 2022, more new gift-giving events will continue to be implemented, benefiting more people.

Not only this event, Miss H'Hen Nie will also participate in many other activities of the project.

The specialized water baskets have opened a new page in the daily life of ethnic minorities in the Central Highlands.

The new basket helps to increase the efficiency of water collection by 3-4 times compared to the old method.

ASIF is a non-profit organization established with a vision towards a sustainable, professional philanthropy ecosystem. Since 2018, ASIF has implemented more than 10 projects in cooperation with social organizations and local partners such as the Red Cross, Caritas Kon Tum

Recently, in Ia Phi and Dak To Ve communes (Gia Lai province), the Provincial Red Cross Society in collaboration with ASIF, communal people's committees held a groundbreaking ceremony of the "Clean wells for villages" project in the above communes.

12 well projects (estimated VND 120 million each) are deployed in 12 villages. Each installation consists of one drilled well, 3,000-liter water tank, pump, yard, campus, flower bed covering an area of ​​100m2, and other ancillary works. The total budget of over VND 1.4 billion (USD 61.672) is sponsored by ASIF.

This is an activity within the framework of the project "Clean wells for villages", being implemented from 2022 and 2023, organized by the foundation in collaboration with the provincial Red Cross and local authorities to help drill 200 wells.

The VND 24.8 billion (USD 1 million) project will benefit about 70,000 people who are lacking clean water in 14 districts of Gia Lai province, including Chu Prong, Chu Se, Chu Puh, Ia Pa, Dak Doa, Chu Pah, Phu Thien, Mang Yang, Dak Po, Ia Grai, Kong Chro, Krong Pa, Kbang and Duc Co.

The project is expected to help alleviate local water shortages which often peak during the summer months. At the same time, ensure sanitation at households and public places, reduce diseases related to water resources and sanitation, improve local people’s living conditions.