Bodies of Vietnamese victims in Cambodia car accident returned to families

Vietnamese Embassy in Cambodia just handed over the bodies of six Vietnamese citizens who were killed in a traffic accident in Cambodia, to their families.

Photo: VNA

Six Vietnamese citizens, a Cambodian were killed and five others injured at a serious traffic accident in Chikreng district of Siem Reap province on November 5 evening, according to the Vietnamese General Consulate in Battambang.

The six were among 11 residents of Vietnamese central provinces of Nghe An and Ha Tinh provinces on the car.

The Cambodian killed in the accident, which happened in Spean Thnaot Commune, Chi Kreng District, was driving the minivan. It is believed at this point that the driver fell asleep at the wheel, sending the vehicle off the road into the canal.

The flipped over minivan was salvaged from the canal after the accident. The five accident survivors have been hospitalized.

A Vietnamese diplomat in the Cambodian capital of Phnom Penh speculated that the 11 Vietnamese citizens who entered Cambodia from Tay Ninh Province Thursday were on their way to Thailand to work.

The location of the accident was about 700 km from the Tay Ninh border in Vietnam and 120 km from Thailand border.

After receiving the news, the office contacted with local authorities to verify the information and ask for attention to treating the injured. It also sent staff to the scene
 (about 160 km away) to conduct citizen protection measures.

On November 6, the Foreign Ministry contacted with the Cambodian Embassy in Hanoi to ask for assistance for the victims. It also requested Vietnamese representative offices in Cambodia to complete the identification and soon report to relevant localities and families of the victims.

Representatives from the Vietnamese Embassy in Cambodia on November 16 handed over the bodies of Vietnamese citizens to border guards in the southwestern province of Tay Ninh and their families.

Five other Vietnamese people who were injured in the accident were also repatriated.

Vietnamese Ambassador to Cambodia Vu Quang Minh also presented at the ceremony to extend condolences to the families and encourage alive victims.

Tu Pham