BridgeFest 2020: “Bridging the Gap” Music Festival held in Hanoi

BridgeFest 2020, the “Bridging the Gap” Music Festival, celebrated diversity and equality, inspire thousands of young adults to spread civic values and engage in their communities to make meaningful contributions to society at large.

BridgeFest Music Festival 2020 features special guests who are inspirational figures to the public, along with more than 30 social organizations and enterprises most of which are led by young people. Source: Oxfam Vietnam

BridgeFest 2020, the “Bridging the Gap” Music Festival, took place on October 31 at the Dong Kinh Nghia Thuc Square by Hoan Kiem lake in Hanoi, emphasizing the need for young people to get involved in national and global issues while encouraging them to participate in social discussions and community-focused initiatives.

The event was co-organized by Oxfam and the US embassy in Vietnam, in cooperation with the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, REACH, ECUE, and Hexagon JSC.

While the message of "Bridging the gap" has resonated among young Vietnamese people and has become the essence of BridgeFest over the past four years, this event is dedicated to spurring real changes in communities under the slogan "Be the Change."

Oxfam and its partners hope that BridgeFest will not only bring in an enjoyable music festival, but also introduce festival-goers to many individuals and organizations dedicated to creating meaningful social changes.

Within the festival, more than 30 social organizations performed their activities contributing to solve current social issues including the environment, education, healthcare, cultural identity, the disabled, children, women, the LGBTI community, through their exhibition booths and demonstrations. 

The talk show “No one is left behind” at BridgeFest 2020 also has connected the audience with the unsung heroes in the fight against COVID-19. 

Organizers of BridgeFest 2020 also supported the Hanoi Red Cross to mobilize support for flood-impacted communities in Central Vietnam.

Speaking at the event, Public Affairs Officer (PAO) Pam DeVolder from US Embassy welcomed over 10,000 participants at BridgeFest 2020, an annual Embassy-supported event that encourages Vietnamese youth to get involved in their community and foster a more inclusive, accepting, and engaged society. DeVolder also emphasized the importance of civic engagement and underscored the US Embassy’s steadfast commitment to supporting youth empowerment and social inclusion efforts in Vietnam.

The puppet show is composed of cases to help children fully understand the dangers of sexual abuse.

Organizers of BridgeFest 2020 handed over VND 50 million to support flood-impacted communities in Central Vietnam.

Formerly known as SEA Pride 2016 – a music event promoting social diversity and equality, BridgeFest has been held for five consecutive years and has become a popular community event.

The event aims to celebrate diversity and equality, as well as inspire thousands of young adults to spread civic values and get involved in their communities to make significant contributions to the society at large.


Tu Pham