Equality promotion contributing to Vietnam's development, Australian diplomat

The Australian Embassy on November 11 held a ceremony to launch the Equality Strategy in Vietnam in the 2022-2027 period.

Christine Clarke CSC, Australia's Ambassador for Women and Girls and members of the Australian Vietnamese Alumni on a discussion on gender and women in leadership. (Photo: Australian Embassy in Vietnam)

The Equality Strategy in Vietnam in the 2022-2027 period aims to strengthen Australia's efforts in promoting gender equality, women and girls' empowerment, the social integration of persons with disabilities, ethnic minority groups, and LGBI group.

Addressing the event, Australian Ambassador Andrew Goledzinowski said that as Vietnam has set a target of becoming a high-income country by 2045, it will need to find new sources of growth and resilience, while also ensuring sustainability.

Ensuring that all segments of the society can participate in the economy and reach their full potential will be essential to Vietnam’s next stage of development, he stressed.

The diplomat said that the strategy aims to reaffirm the two countries' commitments in many areas, including human rights, women’s leadership, safety and economic empowerment, and so on.

The promotion of equality allows Vietnamese from all parts of the country to contribute to the continued development of Vietnam, he said, stating that the Australian Government is always ready to support Vietnam in this process.

Meanwhile, Christine Clarke CSC, Australia's Ambassador for Women and Girls said the country will continue to be present as inequality against women and girls continues.

Deputy Minister of Labour, Invalids and Social Affairs Nguyen Van Hoi hailed the role the Australian Embassy in Vietnam plays in promoting relations between the two countries and bilateral cooperation in gender equality.

He highlighted Vietnam’s progress in boosting gender equality in all fields, noting that women are taking 30.26% of the total seats at National Assembly, ranking 60th out of the 193 countries in this regard.

Hoi cited data from the World Economic Forum's report in July 2022 showing that Vietnam ranks 83th out of the 146 countries in gender equality index, up 4 steps over 2021, with improvement in the indicators of women empowerment, health care and education.

The Australia's Equality Strategy is framed around the value of"equality" to support the rights of all people to make the most of their lives - with dignity, safety and respect.

(Source: VNA)