First Vietnamese scientists earn A. Noam Chomsky Global Connections Awards

Two Vietnamese scientists were named inaugural recipients of the Shining Star Achievement in Research Award in the A. Noam Chomsky Global Connections Awards.

Prof. Tran Xuan Bach.

The new awards recognize scholars from the Society of Transnational Academic Researchers (STAR) Scholars Network for distinctive contributions to transnational research that demonstrates the very best of scholarly collaboration among scholars around the world.

Dr. Uttam Gaulee, current president of STAR, said the awards reflect the organization’s commitment to promoting transnational research, or collaborative research between scholars of two or more countries (e.g., joint publications, research partnerships, etc.).

“The works of these scholars are intellectually breathtaking,” said Gaulee, in an interview after the awards were announced. “I applaud them for their audacity and boldness in advancing global social mobility. What a powerful addition to the positive force that is shaping a more humane and just world.”

A. Noam Chomsky Global Connections Awards celebrate the power of human connections. The awards recognize distinguished service to the global mission of the STAR Scholars Network. Several individuals with a deep impact on advancing global, social mobility are recognized every year. The Star Scholars Network recognizes the commitment of concerned people able and willing to make a difference in the lives of others. Nominations for this award are solicited from around the world. The nominee can be from any field.

Each year, the Star Scholars Network celebrates up to two exemplary achievements in transnational research. The Shining Star Achievement in Research Award recognizes influential scholarly contributions in any discipline, whether they be in the form of scholarly journal articles, books, book chapters, or other expressions of scholarly collaboration.  

Vietnamese scientists Assoc. Prof. Tran Xuan Bach and Prof. Tran Thi Ly have been awarded the Noam Chomsky Global Connections Award for their contributions in their respective fields.

The pair were presented with the Shining Star Achievement in the Research category during an online awards ceremony held on December 9.

Prof. Tran Xuan Bach was born in 1984 and is currently vice head of the Health Economics Department at Hanoi Medical University.

His research interests include the application of epidemiological-economic models to explore the determinants of infectious diseases outbreaks, assess nations’ vulnerability, and identify cost-effective system and human behavioral responses. He has extensive experience in research, surveillance, and evaluation of global health threats in Asia and the Pacific. He is the winner of numerous international and domestic research awards, including the Hopkins Center for AIDS Research’s International Research Award and the Dang Van Ngu Award. He has been publishing frequently with over 300 papers in highly regarded international journals in global health sciences, including The Lancet, Bulletin of the World Health Organization, AIDS and Behaviors.

Dr. Bach Tran earned his PhD (2011) and completed a postdoctoral fellowship (2013) in Health Economics and Policy from the University of Alberta, Canada. Dr. Bach Tran served as a Health Economist at the Institute of Health Economics, Canada (2013), and a research fellow of the International AIDS Society at the Johns Hopkins University (2014). Since 2015, he is co-chair of the Global Health Innovations Network (GHIN) which aims to fostering innovations, research and publications towards sustainable health and development in LMICs. He was an Executive Committee member of the Global Young Academy in 2018-9.  Serving as Vice President of the Vietnam Young Physician Association, Dr. Tran has also been a pioneer in promoting research and evidence-based medicine in the Vietnamese health care system. 

Prof. Tran Thi Ly

Meanwhile, born in 1975 Prof. Tran Thi Ly, who previously employed as a lecturer at Hue University, is currently working at the Faculty of Arts and Education at Deakin University in Australia.

Dr. Tran has published extensively on internationalisation of education, international students, international graduate employability, Indo-Pacific student mobility, and comparative and Vietnamese higher education. Her books and papers have won a range of awards.

Dr. Tran has a long-standing commitment to transnational research. Her transnational research publications appear in a range of outlets, from highly-esteemed academic publishers to non-academic but high impact outlets such as good practice guides, think pieces, policy analysis, and industry discussion. 

Through her research and publications, she has theorised the key aspects of student mobility and contributed the new vocabularies to transnational education research, as demonstrated through her series of articles, including ‘Mobility as becoming’, ‘Responsibility in mobility’, ‘Agency in mobility’, ‘Ethnicity and identity of mobile students’, ‘Student mobility as public diplomacy’ and ‘Student mobility, connectedness and identity’. Her conceptualisation of “mobility as becoming” and theorisation of the lived experiences of international students have appeared in British Journal of Sociology of Education.

Dr. Tran is committed to disseminating her research results to a wider audience outside the academia through writing commentaries in high impact magazines such as the Conversation and providing commentaries to a range of media outlets. Her coverage of international graduates’ circumstances on the Conversation, reaching 210,000 readers, has served the first in-depth analysis of the economic and humanitarian crisis facing this group during COVID-19.

Tu An