Foreigners Recovery from Covid Grateful For Doctors’ Help

A seriously-ill Covid-19 patient from Bangladesh feels grateful for the help of medical workers at the Resuscitation Hospital in Thu Duc City (Ho Chi Minh City).

Medical workers at the Covid Resuscitation Hospital in Thu Duc City instruct Y.U. to complete procedures before leaving the hospital. Photo Zing News

September 20 was a memorable day to Y.U., a Bangladesh patient treated at the Covid Resuscitation Hospital in Thu Duc City. He has recovered from Covid and was taken back home for free by the hospital’s car. Before leaving the hospital, the foreign patient could not hide his joy. Now he can walk by himself and no longer has serious symptoms.

Y.U. is one of three foreign Covid patients treated at Department 7A of Thu Duc City’s Covid Resuscitation Hospital. All of them had severe symptoms when being admitted to the hospital. However, they made improvements after treatment.

Y.U. now can walk by himself and has recovered on September 20. Photo courtesy of the hospital

Y.U. said “All staff, doctors and volunteers are really helpful. Thank you for that. I am very grateful.

“They have done good jobs and I am very happy that I am going home,” he told Zing News.

Y.B., from Congo, being treated the Department 7A, has not been discharged from the hospital but he has made a lot of improvements.

He has been living in Ho Chi Minh City for a long time and was infected with Covid-19 when the fourth wave resurged.

Feeling that his state of health was deteriorating, he contacted local healthcare force and was rushed to the hospital for emergency.

“When I was treated at the hospital, I got better day by day. My health is stable now. I want to say thank you to the doctors. God will bless them and everyone at this hospital," he said.

Y.B., a Covid patient from Congo says thank you to doctors and nurses at the Covid Resuscitation Hospital. Photo Zing News

Dr Pham Minh Huy, head of Department 7A, said three foreigners treated at the hospital are from China, Bangladesh and Congo.

“In spite of language barriers, the patients all followed doctors’ instructions and co-operated well with us during the treatment process.”

“The biggest obstacle is language barrier. Some medical workers can speak English so they can help,” Huy said.

“Communication is more difficult when some patients can not speak English. But we tried various solutions to make them understand treatment methods so that they did not give up on oxygen and adhere to the hospital's treatment protocols," said Dr Huy.

Huy said he felt happy seeing his patients recover.

“We have tried our best. I hope that more patients will recover and can go home to reunite with their families.”

The Covid-19 Resuscitation Hospital in Thu Duc City was put into operation on July 16 with capacity of 1,000 beds.

This is a high-level Covid-19 hospital treating patients in critical conditions and on the same level as the Central Hospital for Tropical Diseases and Cho Ray Hospital.