Network system of support set up to improve newborn care in Hanoi

October 15 was the launch of the Hanoi Neonatal Network, the first in Vietnam, at Hanoi Obstetrics & Gynecology Hospital. The network is a collaboration of 9 Hospitals in Hanoi, they provide maternity services, newborn care and specialist intensive care for preterm and sick babies.

At the launching ceremony.

The first 36 hours of a newborn’s life are amongst the most vulnerable, and unfortunately, for a variety of reasons, many don’t survive them in Vietnam.

The Hanoi Neonatal Network is a collaboration of 9 hospitals including Vietnam National Children's Hospital, Hanoi Obstetrics & Gynecology Hospital, Saint Paul General Hospital, Duc Giang General Hospital, Dong Anh General Hospital, Soc Son General Hospital, Gia Lam General Hospital, Hoai Duc District General Hospital and Bac Thang Long General Hospital.

They will share their knowledge and expertise to improve the quality of patient care across the Network. This, along with an effective transport system will ensure that every newborn baby receives the right care, at the right place, at the right time.

Through the Network, they will empower patients and families with the Patient Care Promise: An enjoyable birthing experience, Clean, safe and pleasant environment, Appropriate facilities and equipment, Professional, friendly and supportive staff, and Family members happy with care and access/visiting.

The Network launch is a major step on a long positive road for all 9 hospitals. Gareth Ward, British Ambassador to Vietnam, and the Hanoi Department of Health in attendance to launch Phase 1 of the Network, which will be a six year programme. Also in attendance were the Directors and Vice Directors of the 9 hospitals who cemented the Network collaboration and previewed training plans for 2021.


Phuong Minh