Health Ministry demands enhancing COVID-19 response

The Ministry of Health (MoH) has demanded enhancing the detection, reception, management, and treatment of COVID-19 cases as the pandemic remains complex around the world.

Health Ministry demands enhanced COVID-19 response: A COVID-19 response drill in Ho Chi Minh City.(Photo: VNA)

The Ministry made the request in a recent document sent to leaders of provincial-level health departments, hospitals and institutes under its management, and health divisions of other ministries and sectors.

The MoH pointed out that the COVID-19 situation remains complicated as the world with new variants continually recorded, including the immune evasive and highly transmissible XBB that has been reported in 70 countries.

It asked the relevant parties to review and step up the reception and treatment of COVID-19 patients; gear up sufficient personnel, medicine, and medical supplies; continue training for health workers; increase consultation within hospitals and with higher-level ones; and boost prevention measures to minimise disease spreading in hospitals, especially among vulnerable groups of patients.

As of January 30, Vietnam recorded 11,526,461 cases of COVID-19, including 10,612,147 recoveries and 43,186 deaths. More than 266.07 million doses of COVID-19 vaccines were administered, according to the MoH.

(Source: VNA)