Increasing children's skills and knowledge to protect themselves through puppet show

From November 2 to 10, the Korean non-governmental organization Good Neighbors International (GNI) in Vietnam cooperated with the Education and Training Department of Vinh Loc District of Thanh Hoa province to organize 18 Puppet-show for Child Abuse Prevention at 10 primary schools in 8 communes outside of GNI's project area.

The show aims to provide knowledge to children using puppets to ensure that children find them dramatically interesting. Source: GNI

The problems of child violence, unfortunately, is very urgent in Vietnam and most of the time brings to death or disappearance of children - small and unprotected citizens. What to do and how to protect our children? How to bring and correctly explain to them how to behave? How to self-protect and do not believe in lies of someone even familiar parents, who with different ways can lie to the child and accomplish their crime.

With this aim, GNI performed puppet shows to help explain sexual violence to children and understand how to prevent and report it.

The puppet show is a part of Good Neighbors’ worldwide education programs on children’s rights, and it’s been adapted to the local circumstances of Vietnam in order to be performed in schools.

GNI and local Education and Training Department hope that all the young learners who watch this show will be able to gather useful knowledge for themselves and share more widely with their friends who have not had the opportunity to attend this project.

The show aims to help Vietnamese children enhance their skills and knowledge to protect themselves. Source: GNI

The stories from the show are very easy in content and deep in meaning, understandable to children, and very interesting. As well the program is effective because children receive information from puppets and this is much easier to perceive and stays in minds of children for a long time, as well is transferred to other children.

The November activity in Vinh Loc District with 18 performance shows at 10 primary schools in 8 communes, attracted participation of 4.834 people. The program is to make children aware of possibly harmful circumstances such as abuse, kidnapping and equip them with skills, methods to cope with a dangerous situation.

In Vinh Loc district, since 2016 until now, GNI has organized more than 40 shows at the primary schools in the area project with more than 12,000 children participating.

Ngoc Diu