Israeli Embassy assists poor school sites in Quang Tri

On April 27, the Israeli Embassy in Vietnam opened two facilities for satellite schools in the central province of Quang Tri's remote area.

Israeli Ambassador to Vietnam Nadav Eshcar poses for photo with Vietnam's representatives and students. Source: Israeli Embassy in Vietnam

School site 337 of Huong Linh Kindergarten in Huong Linh Commune, Huong Hoa District, was supported by the Israeli Embassy in repairing and renovating the design to make it more convenient for the children.

It is known that old facilities are degraded, hindering the children's schooling. Satellite school 337 is located in an area facing many ​​economic difficulties in Huong Hoa, especially after it was also affected by recent floods and storms. The facilities are also a tribute to fallen soldiers of the Defense Economics Division 337 under the Military Region 4, who helped build this school site in 2012.

A landslide occurred on October 18, 2020 and tragically buried 22 soldiers in their barracks in Huong Phung Commune, Huong Hoa District.

At Xa Re school site of Huong Tan primary school (Huong Hoa District), a new and convenient bathroom was also built by the Embassy. Although not far from the main school, the site's previous bathroom was abandoned for many years, greatly affecting students and teachers. The students had to defecate in the green bushes near the school.

Fortunately, the new sanitation service ensures access to adequate and equitable sanitation and hygiene for all, and an end to public defecation.

The two donation projects demonstrated Israel's commitment to helping disadvantaged communities in Vietnam, particularly those who suffered through natural disasters like in Quang Tri last year.

The project improves water and sanitation facilities for students and teachers of school site. Source: Israeli Embassy in Vietnam

Vietnam's central coastal region has suffered unprecedented flooding from prolonged downpours and successive typhoons since last October, resulting in more than 200 recored deaths, and displacing thousands of people. At least 5.5 million people in the region have been affected.

Quang Tri bore the brunt of six floods and two strong tropical storms in last October and November. Many schools were forced to close due to damaged classrooms, fences or fallen trees. Furniture and equipment were also damaged.

The Provincial Department of Education and Training reported that the local education sector suffered a total of VND 9.5 billion (USD 408,000) in damages.

Sharing about the project, Israeli Ambassador to Vietnam Nadav Eshcar said, “We are very sad to hear about the loss of life and property damaged during the flood in October last year. So we wanted to do something, even if only symbolic, for the affected people. I am very happy and proud to show the spirit of Israel's friendship with Vietnam and make life easier for children and their families”.

Israel's two gifts for the two schools in Quang Tri are much appreciated by the local community, especially after the horrific floods. In the coming months, Israel will continue to promote activities associated with the education sector in Vietnam, through the fields of community, academia, research, and study abroad opportunites.

Earlier in the month, in celebration of Earth Day 2021 (April 22), the Embassy of Israel also launched a solar-powered drip irrigation system at Bac Co Park in downtown Hanoi as a gift to the capital city.