Mass wedding held for low-income workers in Thai Nguyen

Thai Nguyen province’s Federation of Labor recently organized a mass wedding for 19 worker couples in the province.

19 poor couples' dream wedding ceremony and party finally came true. Photo: To The

As weddings are expensive, nineteen couples tied the knot together in the northern province of Thai Nguyen on November 28.

They are all low-income factory workers who are unable to pay for their own weddings. All of the expenses were covered by their companies and the local labour union, and each couple was given gold as a gift, and a night’s stay at a local resort.

For low-income families, the party is often prohibitively expensive. They had been married for five years prior the event but they could never afford a wedding party.

The low-income couples also received assistance with wedding outfit, make-up, photos, wedding cake and ring and other celebrations.

In 2000, the mass wedding was organised for the first time for 25 young couples to mark the 25th anniversary of Vietnam's reunification.

The second one was held in 2007 for seven worker couples. Since then, the wedding has been organised annually.

Most of the couples are low-income workers, people who have been laid off, disadvantaged people belonging to unions and associations, and people with disabilities.

Translated by Tu Pham