Minister of Information and Communications striving to give everyone in mountainous regions access to internet

The Minister of Information and Communications has strived to give everyone in mountainous regions access to internet, Nguyen Manh Hung said while being grilled in the Q&A session at the 14th National Assembly (NA) on November 9.

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He made the statement while talking about the development of an e-commerce platform for people in mountainous regions, according to VNA.

The Government and the State Bank of Vietnam will pilot Mobile Money technology to help people in remote and mountainous areas conduct e-payments, shared Hung, adding that a cooperation programme between a local mobile phone manufacturer and operator has helped people afford smartphones, he said.

The ministry has spared no effort in the implementation of the National Digital Transformation Programme by 2025, following the PM’s approval, Hung affirmed, adding that the ministry has launched an evaluation of digital transformation and ranking localities nationwide.

Though among Vietnam's 97 million population, about 70 per cent of whom have access to the internet and 45 per cent use smartphones, there remains a widening gap between users in urban and rural areas,

Also at the Q&A session, Hung informed a code of conduct for cyberspace is to be promulgated by the end of this year.

The code will require both internet users and operators to comply with Vietnam’s regulations and respect the legal rights and interests of organisations and individuals, especially the rights of children, the minister said.

He added that the Ministry of Information and Communications (MIC) submitted the code to the Prime Minister in April and reiterated that it will be issued this year.

The ministry has also been tasked with building a project on protecting and supporting children in cyberspace during the 2010-2025 period.

The project has introduced basic measures for reporting child abuse and applied technology, artificial intelligence, and big data to quickly detect and prevent child abuse content in cyberspace. This also helps raise children’s awareness and self-protection measures.

Pham Tu