Modern fairy tales for equal future launched in Vietnam

The first modern fairy tale picture books on gender equality for children were introduced to Vietnamese readers at a ceremony on National Women's Day on October 20.

The first modern fairy tale picture books on gender equality, aimed to eliminate harmful gender stereotypes and gender norms existing in fairy tales that hinder the comprehensive development of children.

The launching ceremony of the Picture Books and Fundraising Campaign “Generation – The modern fairy tales” is one of the activities to celebrate the 10th anniversary of UN Women, Vietnam Women’s Day and in line with the National Action Month on Gender Equality and Prevention of Violence Against Women and Girls.

The book set consists of two stories: A Miracle in the Kingdom of Shoes and A Collection of fairy tales about gender equality. These are the stories that won the highest prize of the Generation Equality: Vietnamese people create modern fairy tales contest, organized by UN Women, ChildFund Vietnam and the Embassy of Ireland in 2019.

In many fairy tales and bedtime stories for example: the story of Tam and Cam, Thach Sanh, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty etc., girls have been portrayed as beautiful, weak, dependent and focused on developing skills which reinforce their socialized roles in the private domain, such as cooking, child care and hygiene. As for boys, they have been prepared for dominant and high-command roles that determine societal dynamics in the public sphere. These include, among others, responsibilities in the army and other leadership roles – activities often requiring intelligence, wisdom, and strength. Therefore, oral literature has served as a means to reinforce gender stereotypes.

It is now time to create modern fairy tales and bedtime stories that help realize women’s rights and promote equality between men and women, boys and girls and other gender minorities. 

Through these stories, the organizers want to convey the message of a sustainable and equal future where all children of any gender can grow up healthy, be respected, be free to develop and follow their dreams without being prevented by any prejudice and barriers.

In addition, the book publisher Crabit Kidbooks also commits to deduct 20% of the proceeds from the book sales to donate to the Peace House, a shelter and supporting services for women and children who are victims of domestic violence, human trafficking and sexual abuse.


Phuong Minh