Nearly 2.7 million gifts given to poor households, AO victims and disaster-hit households

This year, chapters of the Vietnam Red Cross Society (VRCS) has granted nearly 2.7 million gifts worth over 1 trillion VND to poor households, Agent Orange victims and disaster-hit households.

\Photo: Vietnam Red Cross Society 

They also supported the building of 1,580 houses, provided 373 breeding cows, 298 saving books and free health check-ups for more than 84,800 people.

The VRCS Central Committee also presented Tet gifts worth over 5 billion VND to about 7,000 people in 65 cities and provinces.

The VRCS has set a goal of handing over at least 1.5 million gifts to the poor and AO victims during its movement for traditional Lunar New Year (Tet) 2021.

The VRCS said on December 2 that the movement is being carried out from November 15 to February 8, with January 22-31 as peak time.

Gifts will be presented to poor and near-poor households, Agent Orange victims, households affected by COVID-19 and natural disasters this year, policy beneficiaries and other vulnerable people.

It strives to offer over 80 percent of gifts worth 400,000 – 500,000 VND (17.3 – 21.7 USD) and above each.

Vouchers will be offered for free at New Year humanitarian fairs. Other assistance will include building and repairing houses, presenting health insurance cards, humanitarian health check-ups, scholarships, cows and other livelihoods.

The VRCS Central Committee plans to launch the fair in Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City and Quang Binh and offer 50 million VND to each city and province to hold the fair.

Money collected from the festival will be used to bring a warm Lunar New Year to poor people in the localities.

Mai Nguyen