Nghe An: Communication to raise public awareness about rights of people with disabilities and improve community integration

On December 1, in Vinh City, Nghe An province's Association of People with Disabilities, Vinh City Association of People with Disabilities cooperated with the Center for Action for Community Development (ACDC) to celebrate International Day of People with Disabilities (December 3) , which this year highlights the theme of Building Back Better: Toward a Disability-Inclusive, Accessible and Sustainable Post COVID-19 World.

Musical performance by people with disabilities. Source: ACDC Centre

Celebrating the International Day of Persons with Disabilities is an opportunity for agencies to fulfill the obligations of the international convention on the rights of persons with disabilities that the Vietnamese State has signed. This is also an opportunity to share the burden of people with disabilities, to help them improve in life and integrate into the community.

Currently, Nghe An has about 230,000 people with disabilities. Over the past years, the Party committees, the authorities of Nghe An province and the international community have always cared for people with disabilities with appropriate policies, encouraged self-business models and business development services, creating jobs for people with disabilities.

Persons with Disabilities (PwDs) are “among the hardest hit in the COVID-19 pandemic”. The Rapid Assessment on Socio-Economic Impacts of COVID-19 on Persons with Disabilities conducted with nearly 1,000 respondents with disabilities by UNDP showed that 72% of PwDs have a monthly income of less than 1 million VND. 30% of PwDs made unemployed due to COVID-19. 49% who work had their hours reduced, and 59% received a pay cut. 71% of working PwDs do seasonal/informal jobs or own an informal business, thus are at risk of being ineligible to receive allowances from the Government’s social welfare response package.

Booths on garments, handicrafts made by people with disabilities. Source:

The activity involving the participation of people with disabilities (PWD), social organizations, community organizations, and socio-political organizations included: workshop, art performances, COVID-19  preventative measures guidance and so on, which aimed at propagandizing and raising people’s awareness about the rights of PWDs, reducing discrimination against PWDs, and encouraging those’s engagements in social activities in the local community. 

In particular, five booths on garments, handicrafts, clean agricultural products, paintings made by people with disabilities attracted a lot of delegates, which also showed the independence, confidence, ability to develop economic and take control of the lives of people with disabilities.

This meaningful activity was intended for calling upon local authorities and policymakers at all levels to actively advocate people with disabilities, guaranteeing their rights to be achieved.

Translated by Tu Anh