Quang Tri Red Cross organizes communication event to prevent landmine/UXO accidents

On November 3, the Quang Tri Provincial Red Cross Society cooperated with the provincial Department of Education and Training , the Red Cross of Huong Hoa District and Huong Phung Primary School to organize a communication day with the theme "prevention of mine accidents" for about 600 students, parents and teachers.

At the communication points, people and students learn about the knowledge of mines and explosives through the study of knowledge, through stories told by mine/UXO survivors and skits at communication points. Source:  Quang Tri Provincial Red Cross Society 

Although it has just experienced the historic flood in October, with the determination of the project management board, the coordination of relevant agencies, along with the efforts of the administrators and teachers of the satellite schools of Huong Phung Primary School urgently overcomes the consequences of floods and rains, promptly organizes the communication event and participates in competitions to ensure quality of propaganda content.

Through three contests, five teams coming from 04 odd schools (Huong Choa, Chenh Vnh, Cheng, Cam) and the central school point brought a boiling atmosphere. movement, containing many propaganda messages on prevention of mine and UXO incidents.

The contest also attracted the participation of more than 600 officials, teachers, students and parents, initially creating a ripple effect in the community.

Not only schoolchildren but their parents will access basic guidelines to reinforce their awareness of UXO risks.

The communication event on prevention of landmine/UXO accidents has been a great success, this is an opportunity to propagate about the harms, the unintended consequences of mines, explosives and ways to prevent landmine / UXO accidents to help people safer living in the community.

The clean-up of wartime debris will likely continue for years. However, children and adults can be safe if they are educated about UXO risks and provided with guidance on what to do when they encounter explosive remnants of war around their homes and gardens, roadsides and school yards.

That’s where mine risk education plays an integral role – by educating children and adults, who must continue to live with the threat of UXO, about how they can live safely, how they can avoid accident and injury, how they can be part of the day-to-day solution to this problem.

Phuong Minh