Save the Children drawing contest to highlight dangers of climate change

Join the drawing contest "Red Alert - Earth can't wait" to highlight simple things we can all do to mitigate the impact of climate change.

Climate change has long-threatened economic growth, health and sustainable development in Vietnam and many other countries throughout the world. On top of this, the Covid-19 pandemic has contributed to a global increase in medical waste, including face masks, gloves and other safety equipment that poses a growing threat to the environment.

Children are especially affected by climate change, and their voice is crucial in raising community awareness and action to combat its negative impact.

This year, Save the Children’s “Red Alert” drawing contest is underway to highlight simple things we can all do to mitigate the impact of climate change on the environment.

The contest is for children and youth, but everyone is welcome to participate.

How to participate:

- Draw or sketch a picture about actions you can do at school, home, or in public to protect the environment. Don't forget to write a brief description for each picture being submitted.

- Share it on your Facebook in public mode using hashtags #RedAlertonClimate, #SavetheChildreninVietnam, #EarthCantWait and tag at least three friends to join the contest. If you have children and they are not allowed to use social media yet, and they would like to participate, parents/caregivers who have a social media account can post on their behalf.

The entry can be drawn, on sand, paper, or in origami. Depending on participants' creativity and available materials, they can use any format for the contest!

Score of each picture is calculated:

- 1 Like: 1 point

- 1 Comment: 2 points

- 1 Share: 3 points

The contest takes place from April 18 to May 18, 2021.

Students in Ca Mau initiated various creative activities for a series of communications events to raise awareness and knowledge on disaster, climate changes and environmental issues.

Save the Children is an independent organisation for children, aiming to make a difference in children’s lives around the world.

The group has operated in Vietnam since the 1990s with representative offices of members organisations including Save the Children UK, Save the Children US, Save the Children Sweden and Save the Children Japan

Save the Children is committed to supporting disaster management and delivering a humanitarian response to the most vulnerable people of Vietnam, with a special focus on children. One of their recent initiatives is the project “Community based disaster risk management in exposed communities in the Mekong Delta.”

The project aims to strengthen capacity for communities to respond to disasters; increase access to clean water and safe latrines for poor households; and establish safe learning environments in schools. By encouraging children to share their concerns about climate change and related risks, Save the Children together with local partners are working hard to create a better tomorrow for children – the Earth can’t wait.