"Thanks to the fortune during the pandemic time I’m in Vietnam"

Mr. Daniel Dobrev - the Counsellor - Head of the Economic & Commercial Office, Embassy of the Republic of Bulgaria in Vietnam says that the consensus and unite of Vietnamese people with the Government is the most prominent point in the Covid-19 prevention. Vietnam Times Magazine would like to share the interview with Mr. Daniel Dobrev about issues and activities related to Covid-19 prevention in Vietnam.

Mr. Daniel Dobrev - the Counsellor - Head of the Economic & Commercial Office, Embassy of the Republic of Bulgaria in Vietnam. Getty image

What do you think about the results of Covid-19 prevention and control of Vietnam?

I am thinking that Vietnamese government has handled the situation very well up to now, nevertheless before the wave of Covid-19 occured in Vietnam.

By combining the governmental measures and self discipline of the people, managed by the government, this combining effort helps Vietnam handle the situation and control it and preserve it in very small areas and very small districts without allowing this spreading in the whole country or in the whole metropolis like Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh.

So this measure gives a result and also the management of the hospital and the healthcare system are also a lot improved during the beginning of the 2020.

- Based on news and your own experience, does Vietnam’s Covid-19 prevention has any outstanding difference compared to other countries?

Yeah, every single case, every nation, every country has difference in the maner how to handle this evil, you know, this disease. In Vietnam, the weakpoint is of course the undeveloped healthcare system and hospitals as a whole but I detected since the beginning of the crisis of the pandemic of Covid-19 that the discipline and the management of the hospitals have increased significantly. So Vietnam was the country where never or like seldom serious cases, very limited rising price for treatment of the people without the disease.

Mr. Daniel Dobrev - the Counsellor - Head of the Economic & Commercial Office, Embassy of the Republic of Bulgaria in Vietnam, in the interview. Photo: VNT

And because of the minister of health, the health departments, you know, provinces affected by the Covid-19, they separated the departments, the sessions and the hospitals for Covid-19 to be treated very well. And I saw by my own eyes that the doctors were very devoted, and they’re, how to say, even in the night time also fighting the Covid, every single doctor sleeping in the floor which is maintaining every day every night they care for people. So Vietnam in the beginning, just to summaries, they haven’t got enough healthcare potentials but because of the good management they could divided the Covid cases for in time treatment.

And another good thing is that Vietnamese government combines the strength and the skills and ability of the private and the state hospitals, military hospital, specialized hospitals all together to create one common front against the Covid-19. This is very good, you know, because when we haven’t got enough resources we have to combine all available resources in the country. And Vietnam can do it even without any much help from abroad.

Is there any difference from the pademic preventions in Vietnam and Europe, Sir?

In Europe, we have something quite self- emotion and we are voting against limitation of our freedom, but in Vietnam, people are ready for social distancing to let themselves cut the freedom for the well-being of the society. And this is a very good uses by the government and mainstream all the good willingness of Vietnamese people.

What is your personal opinion about the government’s concern and caring to the community in the pandemic period?

In the healthcare direction, government did a good economic development during the pandemic. Many businesses and many people suffer because of losing jobs and Vietnamese government try to support them just to speed up the recovery and the economy.

I’m very surprised and have good felling that many companies, even foreign investors from Japan, Taiwan or US also donated some money or equipment to Vietnamese government for vaccine or medicine or equipment, for assistance just to raise up the sufficiency of the health care system.

Also, I saw that many people just buy many food and vegetable and fruits because it helped people in Bac Giang or in Bac Ninh or in Hai Duong to survive. They bought lychee or other fruits, they helped and donated money and this is very good. It shows the vigilance of the society to the national, natural and unnatural diseases and catastrophe.

Covid-19 prevention is the responsibility of each and every individual, how do you participate in this prevention work?

I have many activities before and during the pandemic but I just like to keep the social distancing and haven’t met other people to decrease and minimize the contact and meeting during the day. Because of the online ability, I can do it online like Vietnamese government and foreign institutions here in Vietnam will do this. And of course the private contact and the physically contact is very important but as much as I care I just push the online seminars, meetings and networking because it is the pandemic time and for me it is the social responsibility and you know I also limit my travelling to the provinces. And I also minimize my private activities during the weekend and so on.

So thanks to the fortune during the pandemic time I’m in Vietnam which is a very safe and secured country.

How about others? Do you recommend or support them to do the prevention work?

Yes of course. I always push them up to wear masks and just to keep the distance, even when seeing some restaurants opening illegally I just commented to the police or reported but in the end this is the self causes of but everybody’s responsibility and self consciousness are very important.

If you have to briefly describe Vietnam's advantages in the fight against Covid-19, what would it be?

That is efficient and combined effort of everybody, social groups, provinces and in the end, from the central levels. This is my answer: combination and also united spirit to get all those from the top to the bottom and all combine like one body giving a strong answer to Covid-19.

Thank you so much!