Viet Nam ready to cooperate with EU in human rights issue

Viet Nam treasures the comprehensive cooperative partnership with the European Union (EU) and stays ready to discuss and cooperate with the EU on human rights issue in a straightforward, open and respectful manner to increase mutual understanding via the annual human right dialogue mechanism and other bilateral exchange frameworks, said Foreign Ministry’s spokesperson Le Thi Thu Hang.

Human rights are always respected and promoted in Viet Nam.

She made the statement during the ministry’s regular press conference which was held online on June 24.

Asked to comment about the EU Annual Report on Human Rights 2020, Hang took note of the report’s assessment about Viet Nam’s achievements in protecting labour rights, preventing child labour and promoting gender equality.

She, however, expressed regret that there remain several biased contents based on information that failed to reflect realities in Viet Nam.

The spokesperson stressed that the Vietnamese State always pays attention to protecting and promoting basic human rights, which have been stipulated in the Constitution 2013 and relevant legal documents and been respected and enforced in reality, as demonstrated in the country's socio-economic and health care achievements, especially in the fight against COVID-19.

Such efforts and successes have been acknowledged by the international community via many bilateral and multilateral frameworks, including the third cycle of the Universal Periodic Review by the United Nations Human Rights Council, she said.

"Freedom of speech, press and information in Viet Nam has been clearly reflected in the development of the press in both types and contents. In fact, over 70 percent of the Vietnamese population are using the internet, domestic and foreign social networks. In Viet Nam, no one has been arrested or brought to court merely for expressing opinions or protecting human rights," the spokesperson affirmed.

Hang added that like other countries worldwide, Viet Nam resolutely fights acts that take advantage of the rights to freedom and democracy to violate the law, the State interests and the legitimate rights and interests of individuals and organisations. She affirmed that the process of investigation, trial and detention is conducted in line with the law while rights of the arrestees are ensured.