Viet Nam working hard to promote human rights

The Vietnamese Government has rolled out various guidelines and policies towards people and human rights protection, heard an international workshop in Ha Noi.

Assistant to the Foreign Minister Do Hung Viet spoke at the event.

The international consultation workshop on the draft voluntary mid-term report on the implementation of UPR third cycle recommendations was jointly held by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP).

In his opening remarks, Do Hung Viet, Assistant to the Foreign Minister, said this is the first time Viet Nam has devised such voluntary mid-term report to be sent to the UN Human Rights Council (UNHRC).

Through the report, Viet Nam has demonstrated its responsibility, transparency and seriousness towards the UPR mechanism in particular and the implementation of international commitments on human rights in general, especially in the context of Viet Nam running for a seat at the UNHRC for 2023-2025.

He pointed out difficulties to human rights protection and promotion in Viet Nam over the past two years such as climate change, natural disasters and COVID-19.

The report is expected to give delegates an insight into Viet Nam’s consistent commitments and efforts to further stabilise, recover and spur socio-economic activities, and realise UPR recommendations on human rights, particularly vulnerable groups amid COVID-19.

This mid-term report is a basis for Viet Nam to assess the implementation of the approved recommendations, learn lessons and prepare for the construction of the National Report for the UPR cycle IV expected in 2024.

UN Acting Resident Coordinator Kidong Park and UNDP Resident Representative a.i. in Viet Nam Terence D. Jones lauded Viet Nam’s commitments and efforts in human rights protection and promotion, including the implementation of UPR third cycle recommendations and the building of the voluntary the mid-term report.

The delegates contributed specific opinions on the document, which is set to be sent to the 49th session of the UNHRC in March 2022.

According to the draft mid-term report on the implementation of the recommendations accepted at the 3rd UPR cycle, Viet Nam has accepted 241/291 recommendations (about 83 percent) at the adoption session of the UPR 3rd Cycle Report at the United Nations Human Rights Council (July 2019).

On December 31, 2019, the Prime Minister of Viet Nam approved the Master Plan to implement the accepted recommendations in Decision No. 1975/QD-TTg, which directed the development and submission of the Mid-term Report on the implementation of the UPR 3rd cycle recommendations.

To date, Viet Nam has implemented 199/241 recommendations; of which 32/241 recommendations are ongoing or have been partially implemented and 10/241 recommendations will be considered for implementation at a suitable time.

Viet Nam will continue to implement the accepted UPR cycle III recommendations on the basis of the Master Plan for Implementation of the Recommendations approved by the Prime Minister in Decision No. 1975/QD-TTg in 2019.

In the coming time, Viet Nam wishes and is willing to share information and experiences to strengthen international cooperation, improve capacity in developing the National Report and implement approved UPR recommendations.