Vietnam - ASEAN: Join Hands to Eliminate Cyberbullying on Children

"As a member of the Convention on the Rights of the Child, all ASEAN countries are very concerned with the children integral development and protection. ASEAN has made great efforts to strengthen its commitments to the implementation of the Declaration of Regional Plan of Action on eliminating violence against women and children". Said Deputy Minister of Labor, War Invalids and Social Affairs Nguyen Thi Ha at the Regional Workshop on Eliminating Cyberbullying against Children.

According to Deputy Minister Nguyen Thi Ha, with the increase in children's internet use in the context of the development of the digital era, technology 4.0, the ASEAN Leaders' Statement on protecting children from all forms of online exploitation and abuse in 2019 further underscored the region's commitment to the Convention on the Rights of the Child and the United Nations Agenda for Sustainable Development to 2030.

Children can become victims of cyberbullying. Illustration

Recognizing the growing risk of children being bullied at school and online, ASEAN countries have made significant efforts to improve the situation. “By 2020, six countries in the region have developed plans to protect children online; two have implemented cyber safety programs in schools; three are mainstreaming this topic into curriculum at schools and most countries have adopted at least some frameworks and processes that contribute to the prevention of online violence and bullying against children”, said Deputy Minister Nguyen Thi Ha.

Deputy Minister Nguyen Thi Ha highly appreciated the efforts of ASEAN member countries in protecting and ensuring the comprehensive development of children, especially members of the Committee for the Protection and Promotion of Women's Rights and the Promotion of Women's Rights. The children of ASEAN have worked with the co-chairs of the Declaration including Singapore, Vietnam and Brunei Darussalam to develop and finalize the Declaration and hope that ACWC will continue tirelessly to promote these initiatives. its actions to realize the commitments approved by the ASEAN Summit.

The Declaration on the Elimination of Bullying of Children in ASEAN is an initiative co-chaired by Vietnam with Singapore and Brunei Darussalam within the framework of ACVC's Work Plan 2021-2025, focusing on take appropriate measures to promote and protect ASEAN children from all forms of bullying, ensure that the interests and rights of children are upheld, and implement the Declaration adopted at the Conference 38th and 39th ASEAN Summits in October 2021.