Vietnamese community in Bangladesh establishes Liaison board

The Vietnamese community in Bangladesh has debuted a liaison board to connect the Vietnamese community and help promote the image of Vietnamese people among Bangladeshi people, contributing to the two countries’ friendship.

Vietnamese Ambassador to Bangladesh Pham Viet Chien (R) congratulates newly debuted liaison board for the Vietnamese community. Source:

A liaison board for overseas Vietnamese in Bangladesh has recently made its debut, VNA reported.

The board includes five members representing five groups of Vietnamese citizens in the South Asian country: settlers, entrepreneurs, those working under contracts with companies and projects, and students.

It is headed by Do Van Trong, a businessman who has worked in the Bangladeshi market for years, and had prestige in the community.

Speaking at the event, Vietnamese Ambassador to Bangladesh Pham Viet Chien expressed his belief that the liaison board will work effectively, and play an important role in connecting the Vietnamese community and promoting the image of the Vietnamese nation, people and culture in Bangladesh.

He proposed the board pay attention to educating young generations on maintaining cultural identities of Vietnam.

Bangladesh was the first nation in South Asia to establish diplomatic ties with Vietnam over four decades ago.

Tu Pham