Vietnamese life expectancy continuously increases from 65.2 to 73.6 years

On September 21, the National Assembly’s Social Affairs Committee organized a workshop themed "Elected deputies with emerging population issues" aiming to provide the current situation of the Vietnamese population after the 2019 population and housing census in 2019, fertility status, sex imbalance at birth, population aging as well as gender equality in Vietnam.

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According to the statistics, Vietnamese people’s life expectancy continuously rose from 65.2 years in 1989 to 73.6 years in 2019.

Vietnam has successfully curbed the population growth and achieved replacement fertility 10 years earlier than the target set by Central Resolution 4 (Session VII) and has been maintained to date. Besides, the population structure has changed positively, the number of the working-age population has sharply increased and officially entered the period of the golden population in 2007.

The managers and experts also indicated some emerging population issues that need appropriate adjusting policies such as the aging index increased rapidly from 35.9% in 2009 to 48.8% in 2019, the sex imbalance at birth also rapidly rose, about 70% of Vietnamese elderly live in rural areas and engage in agricultural activities, more than 70% of the elderly have no material accumulation and less than 30% live on the pension or social allowances.

The workshop gave recommendations to improve population policies and laws. Firstly, it is necessary to focus on implementing the Resolution No. 21-NQ / TW issued on October 25, 2017, on population work in the new context, with the central goal of “Sustainably maintaining replacement fertility, equalizing sex ratio at birth, taking effectively advantage of the golden population structure, adapting to population aging, reasonably distributing the population, improving the population quality, contributing to developing the nation rapidly and sustainably”.

Secondly, the localities need to carry out the plan No. 588 / QD-TTG inked on April 28, 2020, by the Prime Minister which approved the birth rate adjustment program suitable for each region and subject toward, increasing the birth rate in localities with low one and reducing the birth rate in localities with high one, contributing to successfully implementing the Vietnam Population Strategy to 2030, ensuring to develop the nation rapidly and sustainably./.