VietPride Festival 2020 embraces the spirit of never giving up

The VietPride Festival 2020 is being held nationwide from September 1 to connect groups protecting the rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people (LGBT) nationwide.

Angiang Pride - An Giang Shine 2020: Bloom

VietPride is the biggest proud event of the year for the LGBTI+ community in Vietnam. In August 2012, the first Viet Pride Festival was held in the capital with the mission of honouring diversity, spreading pride, affirming the values of love, thereby encouraging the community to live up to ourselves and promote the harmony society.

Over 200 young people waving rainbow flags and messages on equal rights marched through Hanoi’s streets. Over the past eight years, the event became an important milestone for the LGBT movement in Vietnam, aiming to eliminate prejudice about sexual minority groups and honour diversity.

VietPride 2020 is held from September 1. After more than a month of the event, participants went through many levels of emotions: from deeply touched with the project "Dear My Ally" – sending the special thanks to friends and families; being positive about the future with the project "VietPrideWishlist Challenge" – where the LGBTI+ community write down their wishes for the future; feeling full the energy with the virtual run project VietPride Virtual Run "Light up the Pride".

VietPride 2020 in Dong Thap.

Although the COVID-19 pandemic has caused more than 200 Pride events around the world to be postponed or cancelled, VietPride Ho Chi Minh City 2020 continued to held in a completely new way.

One the famous quotes of Ho Chi Minh President has become VietPride in Ho Chi Minh City's leading spirit this year: "NO MATTER WHAT". VietPride in Ho Chi Minh City is not only spread positive messages about LGBTI+ people but also encourage optimism, solidarity and belief that, with determination, the community will overcome all difficulties, whether pandemic or prejudice or stigma in society.

More than that, the VietPride month in Ho Chi Minh City 2020 is also filled with public awareness events with diverse topics such as Finding A, Vu Lan festival – let's meet and talk about filial piety, Talkshow "Homecoming", Breakfast Chat, Film screening "Chen nuoc trong"; there are also bonding activities in Pride event such as series of parties GenderFunk x VietPride 2020, TABOO VIETNAM Grand Opening Party).

In order to assure the safety for all of the participants in the context that COVID-19 still has complicated developments, as well as to maintain the Pride spirit of the annual VietPride; the organizer team of VietPride Saigon 2020 decided to create a perfect closure for a very "different" VietPride festival 2020, and launch the PrideBus - Ride With Pride on October 24, to spread the pride spirit and connect the community throughout the city.

Pride Bus will take you through 4 stops, and each station carries many stories about our LGBTI+ community, about the life we are living in. On this journey, they will look back at the activities in VietPride month, listen to the stories of the LGBTI+ people during the COVID-19 pandemic, and share a special plan to bring Marriage Equality to Vietnam.

And the most special thing is, the PrideBus will ride the pride and support of LGBTI+ community in Ho Chi Minh City toward The LGBT community and Ally in Hue. All of the money from PrideBus activity will be sent to LGBTI+ community in Hue to help them recover after the storm.

Thu Pham