Young generation say no to sexual harassment

Being abused or harassed on the bus and in public places is everyone’s concern. Speak up to protect yourself and others!

A bus is painted in orange to raise public awareness about sexual harassment against women and children. Photo: Sunrisesvn

31% out of 1.128 girls interviewed were sexually harrassed when going by bus! Only 13% girls and 8% boys feel that girls always feel safe in public areas!

What do you think about these facts?

Join the campaign “Young generation say no to sexual harassment”. The campaign is launched by the Research Center for Management and Sustainable Development (MSD) with the support of Plan International Vietnam to celebrate the National Action Month on Gender Equality and Prevention of Gender-based Violence by the Ministry of Labour, Invalids, and Social Affairs. The aim is to raise awareness and encourage young people and the community to speak up against sexual abuse and harassment of girls on the bus and in public areas.

Moreover, a film-making contest themed“Young generation say no to sexual harassment” is being held for individuals and groups living in Vietnam about abusive behaviour, sexual harassment to girls and women on the bus or in public places. The contest aims to encourage young people to raise their voice and take action against gender-based violence. 

The competition aims to create innovative media ideas about the safety of girls in public and when traveling on public transport in the city through the production of short films. At the same time, the competition also will help to create a playground for youngters to showcase their talents, to give the most true stories of social situations, and to suggest solutions to problems.

Not just to showcase scriptwriting skills and film production, but more importantly, the competition is also an opportunity for young people to participate in creating a safe and friendly city where people - especially women and girls - are free to work and live, access or use public services. By participating in the contest, young people will have the opportunity to speak out to promote gender equality and prevent gender-based violence, especially towards girls in public and on public transport. Young people will be the ones who express and convey the strong message "The new age of youth – be educated, polite and ready to speak up, take action for girls being abused!"

Mai Nguyen