Young people donate notebooks and new stuffs to poor kids in Tay Ninh

Thắp Sáng Tri Thức (Lighten up Your Knowledge), a charity project for poor children to celebrate the Christmas and New Year, was launched by a group of students from the Vietnam- Australia International School (VAS) in Ho Chi Minh City.

Photo courtesy of the project

The project will donate notebooks, books, and stationery as well as greeting cards and clothes to 200 poor children living in Dau Tieng District in Tay Ninh province, VNS reported.

The project has attracted many primary and secondary school students from VAS and other schools. 

 “The city's students will have more opportunities to help others through our project,” said tenth-grade student Phan Hoang Thu Anh, one of the project’s creators. “We hope our gifts will help poor children in Dau Tieng enjoy a happy Christmas and New Year.” 

Anh and her group conducted research about Dau Tieng children before launching their project. They learned that the children come from several hundred families of former overseas Vietnamese who resided in Cambodia before returning home.

“We decided to donate notebooks, books and stationery, not food, cakes or candies, for Dầu Tiếng children because they’re useful for the kids’ study — the key that makes life become better,” said Anh.

According to Anh, their project is named Thắp Sáng Tri Thức because they believe that only your knowledge can change your destiny.

Teacher Nguyen Ly Thuy, who manages the project, said “I hope students will learn that giving is receiving after taking park in the project Thắp Sáng Tri Thức," because Christmas also is a time of giving. 

Last year, Thuy and his students produced more than 170 solar lamps for students in the remote Ea-Rot village in the Tay Nguyen (central highlands) province of Dak Lak. The children do not have enough lights for study because their village is not connected with the national power grid. 

Tu Pham